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Guest Blogger – How to Make the Painstaking Exchange From Controlling Behaviour to a Peaceful Heart

I’m happy to have Pirkko Rytkonen guest blogging today. Pirkko lives in Canada and is a retired teacher. She is originally from Finland and has lived in three different countries and ten different cities. Pirkko writes to inspire and encourage people to grow in God’s grace through tough situations. You can read more about Pirkko and her blogĀ here. Hope you enjoy her words below!


Who’s controlling your life? What’s controlling your life? When trouble comes do you try to control the situation to your advantage? Or will you place the problem in God’s hand? Or will you manipulate others to get your own way?

Are you a controller or someone who is easily controlled by another person? Unravelling the truth about control issues reveals different emotions behind this. Many of us may not even recognize controlling behaviour until we hit a wall and we’ve had enough. (more…)