Cease Striving

I’m alive. Apparently not very good at keeping up a blog, but I’m alive. Can’t even muster up a  picture at the top of this post with a coordinating quote, because if that picture indicated my life right now it would be a stack of books I’m confused about, a schedule for a job I never thought I would be doing, and a “To Do” list I might as well throw away at this point. My intention was (more…)

Actually, It Is Very Near To You


“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us…” -Deuteronomy 29:29

No other time in my life have I been more convinced of that verse. I am taking baby steps and giant leaps both at once into a direction that seems to be off my radar most days. I am not completely confident of this direction. Some things I know, other things I (more…)

Grace Upon Grace


The Old Testament is so beautiful. Completely a mess, but a beautiful mess. I do see why the New Testament is where a lot of people prefer to camp out and I see the questions nonbelievers (and believers) have about God’s favor on certain people who seem to commit terrible sin after sin after sin. Yes, there is a theological discussion to be had, but there is so much beauty in the stories.

I have been reading through Genesis and (more…)